Friday, June 24, 2011

DoA Art-a-rama

Primus Character designs - first two are the first round, painted in May 2010, during our initial developmoent sprint, which was insanely rushed. The third guy is a little more human - probably a little too human for the race but hey, I like his face.

Amazon Character Designs - the first and third are from the initial development sprint, and the one in the middle a few months later.

Play the game heeahh (all images belong to and are copyrighted by Kabam. Not me. Definitely not you.)

So, I haven't posted anything in - surprise, since about the time I became pregnant. It's too much work for a lazy person such as myself to cope with the many, many inconveniences of pregnancy, manage an art team through an acquisition and period of insane growth, AND take the extra time to upload things to a blog. (while still eating and cleaning myself) But now that my due date has come and gone (yes, still pregnant) and I have nothing to do but sit around and wait for my whole life to change, I bring you approx. one year of selected art from DoA. I'm hoping to be able to make more personal stuff in the next few months until I go back to work - I suspect that will depend on what KIND of baby I get. If I get the screamy, yelly kind, probably not.

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