Saturday, October 9, 2010

There Dragons Be!

Excuse me for a moment. All IMAGES IN THIS POST ARE COPYRIGHT WONDHERHILL 2010. You can't repost them or use them.

Finally, finally. The game, the endless game has launched. It's not over, but at least now other human beings can see it. During these last few months I have fulfilled a dream - a dream in which I was an artist who drew armor clad videogame characters and dragons. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a secret dork.

Also, as lead, I had to design the look of the UI. I kept hoping that a magic fairy in the form of a UI artist might appear out of nowhere and do it for me. Unfortunately, we don't have any of those, so I had to crack at it myself. I think it looks okay... but it was my first time so I'm sure in a year I'll find it embarrassing.
You can check out the UI and spend hours and hours waiting for things to finish building over on facebook here.
Thanks to all the Whill artists for your awesome animation, art, feedback, ideas and hard work!
Thanks especially to Rosie, the other concept artist on this project. You're the best!

If you'd like to see more, check back later. I'll post more art in the coming days.

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