Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nerd-ish Nite

Last night I gave a talk at Nerd-type-Nite - an event where bay area nerds talk to other nerds about what they do for a living. I mentioned a couple of things that people wanted to know more about. Specifically, the tablet I work on (digitally) is called a cintiq. This is NOT affiliated with, which I don't think I would qualify for anyway since I am so intimidatingly cool. - You can find more about it here.
and the nifty color tool to which i referred can be downloaded somwhere around here for free.
Also, if you want to paint at home, Artrage is great, and at 80 dollars, totally cheap.


Matt Wasowski said...

I didn't know Nerd Nite had events in the bay area? Was it part of the official Nerd Nite? ?

balfek said...

Oh, no, it's a local copycat version. Right now it's informal and hosted at people's houses.

Bart said...

Kate is correct. But I did reach out to the Nerd Nite founders and am hoping to get an official SF chapter launched soon though! For now, consider us in beta.

Bart said...

Ha, waitaminute, I recognized that name (Kate, Matt's actually one of the official Nerd Nite founders). Hey Matt, ever since the April nerd nite in SF at Langton Labs we've been hosting quarterly private nerd nite-salons at our apartments. Nerd Salon, "Inspired by Nerd Nite", and other aliases didn't really catch on - our friends still call it Nerd Nite because of its origins.

But we're reaching critical mass, so I'd like to move to a public venue, ideally working with the Nerd Nite franchise. I reached out to Chris on starting a local chapter, what it would mean to adopt the nerd nite franchise, etc. I'm looking forward to hearing back soon.

Matt Wasowski said...

hey bart! send me an email at matt [at] let's talk turkey